Conferences and Headshots

This is a collection of some of our favourite images from the recent 2022 Royal College of Dentists of Canada Convocation, Annual Dinner, and Continuing Education Sessions. A fantastic event that highlights our current offerings in the Event photography space. And also a great showcase for our on-location headshots. These portraits, along with several group shots not included were completed in a record time of under 29 minutes as per the schedule requirements of the client. 

Corporate Portrait Work

A corporate portrait is a visual representation of your values as an organization. This recent work with Boat Rocker Media is a perfect demonstration of how we’re leveraging our skills in lighting and production to elevate headshots to the level creative agencies are used to producing themselves. After all, what better way to show your clients and partners what you’re all about then with your own photos. 

As trusted advisors to some of the world’s most influential leaders we are very proud that since 2018 McKinsey & Company have used us as their preferred supplier of corporate portraits as well as event photography since 2018. 

Global leader in commercial real estate sales and building management CBRE is our longest standing corporate portrait client, with over 7 years of continuous work throughout their various regional offices. 

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