Portmanteau Media

We're Toronto's leading headshot and event photography supplier with teams working in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton

Specializing in professional and commercial portraiture, large corporate events, and experiential marketing events, we're experts in working in complex live settings to create high quality media for all your promotional needs.

Our teams are comprised of an elite membership of the most experienced and professional shooters for both photography and video

Corporate Video Live During Your Event

Corporate gatherings offer a great opportunity to gather video footage of your participants and attendees.

We offer a wide range of services from formal interviews to roaming coverage with participant 'shout' outs and testimonisals

Event Photo Booths

Our 'step-and-repeat' photography is industry leading in our use of top level professional photographers who know how to engage with your guests and leave you with studio-quality results

Words of Praise

Karly Zizek, Field Manager | MOSAIC NORTH AMERICA

"Received!!! I’M OBSESSED with these photos! As always Josh, thanks a bunch for this!"

Amanda Panacci, Media and Public Relations | PLAN INTERNATIONAL CANADA 

"Thank you, THANK YOU for sending these photos so quickly. We really appreciate it!  The photos all look fantastic, and everyone is really impressed!"

Francesca Carta, Marketing & Communications Coordinator | STUART WEITZMAN CANADA

"Pictures are amazing!!  We look forward to working with you again very soon"

Elena Langlois, Director Business Development | ReNew CANADA:

"Josh! AMAZING!!!! Your photos are fantastic! Everyone loves them."

Sarah Sterns, Real Estate Workplace Strategist, Americas | INDEED 

"Wow, these are PERFECT! I'm so excited to share these out with the team!" 

Gigi Farrell, Director, Marketing | COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL 

"These are amazing! Rich color saturation, variety of close ups, staged, and unsuspecting. And so many great, happy shots!"

                     Josh's Story

I never actually planned on being a photographer

In fact, it's purely by chance that I've ended up here at all. In the final semester of my undergraduate degree in Political Science I found myself one credit short of graduating. After somehow managing to fail my previous semester's designated bird course, (Christianity 101 ?!?),

 I had no choice but to add an extra class to my course load. While wandering the Mount Allison University campus, I bumped into a friend who was waiting for her Intro-Photography class to start. She insisted that despite my lack of fine art experience, or a portfolio, that I should take a shot at applying to enrol. No term papers, and no extra text book to buy?  It was perfect!  To my surprise, the professor, (who turned out to be celebrated Canadian photographer Thaddeus Holownia), graciously granted my request to join the class. Within the first 5 minutes of class it was clear; this was going to amount to far more than just a recovered academic credit. I immediately decided that this is what I wanted to do and before the end of the semester I had applied to the Western Academy of Photography's Professional Photography Program in Victoria, B.C. After finishing my B.A. I was off, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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