I’ve put together a small selection of images referencing any watch related work I’ve done. The following is mostly from Sharp magazine private events where luxury timepieces are displayed and experienced by an elite group of watch lovers. This first set is from our recent IWC Schaffhausen event. 

This next selection are from a series of Panerai events at Canoe restaurant and STK in Yorkville. This particular client prefers for a limited amount of flash to be used so as to convey the authentic atmosphere of the event and not disrupt the guests. As a result we’ve had to develop a system for competing with low light scenarios by using a combination of specialized lenses. 

[*Technical notes for photographers: Most of this work was shot on an array of the amazing Sigma Art lenses including the 20mm 1.4, 24mm 1.4, 50mm 1.4, and 85mm 1.4 lenses. Typically in these extreme low light conditions we’re accustomed to shooting as slow as 1/30th sec shutter wide open to f1.4 up to 10,000 ISO on a Canon 5dmkiv. Shooting action hand-held with these settings means we have to shoot a great deal more shots than we ordinarily would, sometimes in a 3hr event we could end up with a full 128gb card, around 3000 images that get whittled down to around 150 nice and sharp keepers.] 

Conference Highlights

Google Cloud Summit (2017/2018)

Google Cloud Summit is a 1000 attendee (and growing) yearly conference.  Throughout the 11-13hr days there was a mixture of overlapping scheduled elements including keynotes, several rotating breakouts.  In between those we were responsible to gather networking candids, partner booths and interactive displays.  

Scalar Kickoff (2015/2016/2018)

Scalar Decisions’ Kickoff is an intensive multi-day Tech conference bringing together industry experts and vendors.  Filled with breakout sessions, team building activities, and multiple vendor fairs this corporate retreat simultaneously draws on all the demands a corporate conference and sponsored marketing events.

Rotary International Convention (2018)
This past year Toronto was chosen to host the 6 day annual Rotary International Convention in which 25,000 attendees took over the MTCC and Scotiabank Areana (formerly the ACC).   We were asked to integrate our services with those of Rotary’s large internal communications team to cover everything from public ceremonies, to large sponsored trade floor, to high-profile donor events.  The broad, yet dense, schedule of 10-12hr days required a great deal of preparation and organization.  The additional challenge of delivering same-day edits and the satisfaction of our glowing post-event client feedback puts this project very high in our list of career highlights.

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